Pauline Deltour

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MIRROR / Lacie / 2015 / Product


Date: 2015

The LaCie Mirror hard drive will adorn any desktop as it sits in its base made of a single piece of ebony wood from Makassar.
You have to look twice to discover the LaCie Mirror's true ambition, covered by mirrored glass, it's first an elegant and functional object, and only on second glance is it revealed to be a slim high–performance hard drive."

In an age where nearly all files are manifested in a digital form, it was an obvious conclusion for LaCie to develop a showpiece to convey how essential data is to defining our modern life.

To make the product more durable, LaCie used Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 with Native Damage Resistance™ (NDR). The glass is chemically strengthened and atomically configured to better survive the real–world events that most commonly cause glass failure. This glass enables improved damage resistance and toughness by helping to prevent the deep chips and scratches that cause glass to break.

Project assistant : Capucine Blanchard