356 for FUCINA / 2018


The 356 collection gets its inspiration from some iconic car doors curves and outlines. The focus is - at first - on the façade : two symmetrical doors, outscaled from the body structure are bent on both ends and turned into handles. The hinges are external and therefore visible while the feet are faintly flared at the bottom.

Fucina-356-Pauline Deltour-07.jpg
Fucina-356-Pauline Deltour-02.jpg

Fucina is a company that was founded by the masters of Lidi, a leader for fifty years in the metal carpentry sector. Lidi is focused on the processing of the material from a structural point of view and continuous research into surfaces finishes, which arises from client's specific needs as well as from the company's reflections and experiments. Fucina wishes to pursue new challenges and does so through collaboration with various designers, under the artistic direction of Maddalena Casadei.

Fucina-356-Pauline Deltour-04.jpg