Born in Landerneau, France, Pauline Deltour opened her very own office in Paris, in 2011. Distinguished by being both severe and delicate, its designs reflect a vocabulary which is characteristic of her own personality. Her precise hand, neat lines, carefully selected materials and colour ranges, and the way in which they come together, form the individual identity of this French designer’s work. Emblematic, hard-hitting seduction is achieved through rare qualities which are as elemental to the design as they are challenging to implement. Expanding her focus, Pauline is now exploring possibilities on every scale, from small individual pieces right through to complete interior architecture.

Pauline Deltour pulls out from the materials and their properties, prime inspirational sources, to explore shapes in which sturdiness and usefulness as well as poetry and sensitivity mingle. An iron fist in a velvet glove is how she drives all the projects she is working on.

She works today in team with many international clients :

Tolix, Sogo&Seibu, JINS, Lexon, Yellow Innovation (La Poste), Alessi, COR, MUJI, HEM, Ames, Kvadrat, JapanCreative, Arita 2016 (Japan), Fucina, CVL, Cire Trudon, Puiforcat, Sogo & Seibu, LaCie, …