A TEMPO for ALESSI / 2011


Family of products made of wire, composed of two different fruits baskets, a dishrack and a paper basket. Extension of the family in development.

“This family of projects stems from the desire to work with a very elementary material, metal wire. Today’s wire industry is highly developed, even though it’s a material that is often put to industrial use rather than considered for domestic purposes. The objects in the “A Tempo” family play in a crescendo of rhythm, movement, length and density. Working the wire as if it were a graphic element allowed her to highlight its aesthetic qualities, creating an unusual, different language characterised by very special optical effects. The packaging is very basic: a simple sheet of paper used to wrap each object, just like the very first items sold by Alessi.

A Tempo_Pauline Deltour_07.jpg

The designers I meet, especially when they’re very young, often have a good deal of courage and brashness that enables them to take on very difficult, tough issues fearlessly, such as trying to find a sort of New Simplicity in the myriad of the designer goods available today. The problem is knowing how to create something that is truly simple without just not repeating forms that already exist in the mare magnum of contemporary industrial production. Pauline has done just that, creating a family of steel-wire objects that not only have a first-rate image, but are also capable of expressing a breath of fresh hope and newness.