ÉTREINTES for JEM / 2019

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Étreintes is a jewellery collection : two elementary shapes, seemingly separate from one another, become interlocked‚ mysteriously and subtly, forming a piece of jewellery that is unique both in shape and the way in which it is worn.


Each of our pieces was designed to embrace one another, across space and time. The first act: to choose—to select a design, to invent a combination of textures, colours and materials. The second act: to lock-in the final form—to create an intimate setting.

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Pair bracelets and rings according to your desires, yellow gold or white gold, engraved, brushed or paved, with so many options of materials and colors, you can invent the rules of your own game.


Available in Yellow gold, white and rose, texture can be polished or brushed. Material : fairemined ethical gold, cultured diamond

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JEM Jewellery: Ethically Minded is the first French Maison dedicated to ethical and contemporary jewellery. Simple and strong, the clean lines of our designs reflect the transparency of our approach: to design and craft our jewellery with the utmost of care, in an ethical manner that remains true to our mission.

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