FINE for LEXON / 2015


Family of small and very practical objects for women composed of a bluetooth speaker, a business card holder, a power bank and a USB key and its keyring. All the items are made of anodized aluminium.

Lexon-fine-Pauline Deltour-09.jpg
Lexon-fine-Pauline Deltour-05.jpg
Lexon-FIne-2016-Pauline Deltour-19.jpg
Lexon-FIne-2016-Pauline Deltour-22.jpg
Lexon-fine-Pauline Deltour-07.jpg
Lexon-fine-Pauline Deltour-20.jpg
Lexon-FIne-2016-Pauline Deltour-21.jpg

A radio, a clock and a bag light. The family of mobile, practical and feminine products already includes a bluetooth speaker, a power bank, a business cards holder and a USB Key. Anodized aluminium reminds the main material to ensure lightness and mobility.

Lexon-FIne-2016-Pauline Deltour-18.jpg