Desk accessories of a refined strictness the "duo process" is witness to a singular production process. Pauline Deltour reminds us that the work of a designer, notwithstanding the shaping element, is first and foremost a wont to perpetually question material and to push always further the boundaries of industrial processes. 

designerbox-process-Pauline Deltour-05.jpg
designerbox-process-Pauline Deltour-09.jpg
designerbox-process-Pauline Deltour-06.jpg
designerbox-process-Pauline Deltour-02.jpg

Starting from a standardized industrial technology, only used at an architectural scale, the designer overturns the production chain through adapting it to a tiny scale and, through her drawing, grants it a highly singular touch. The feminine curve of the pen holder completes the card holder angularity.

designerbox-process-Pauline Deltour-03.jpg
designerbox-process-Pauline Deltour-01.jpg