SUPER BAG for HEM / 2016


Designed to suit both men and women, the Super Bag Briefcase is the smaller variant of Pauline Deltour’s Super Bag Weekender. Raw linen and sumptuous Italian leather combine to provide the beauty, while the reinforced inside pocket, perfect for transporting laptops and tablets, takes care of the practical. The high quality of the materials means the briefcase version is ideal for everyday use, whether you’re going to and from the office or toting it about town on a night out.

Hem-superbag-Pauline Deltour-07.jpg
Hem-superbag-Pauline Deltour-08.jpg
Hem-superbag-Pauline Deltour-06.jpg

Safety meets functionality: the pockets, positioned inside the bag, are separate from the central body so as to respect personal privacy and optimise organisation.

Made in top quality natural materials, SUPER BAG combines raw linen which enhance the elegance and originality of the design.

Hem-superbag-Pauline Deltour-01.jpg